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Hello my dear friends,

Thank you for having the bravery to read my blog, to take steps towards recovering from bulimia once and for all. Or perhaps you are someone with a loved one who really needs help in letting go of bulimia, and beginning to embrace their life. In either case I am here to help guide you into the light, to help remind you of a life you can have, a life free from bulimia.

In this blog I want to be honest about bulimia. There is nothing to hide from, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that is the first step to recovering from bulimia.

I too have been through it, for 11 years I struggled with bulimia and now I have a deep longing to help other women and men who are turning to bulimia as a way to escape, or mask other pains in life. I would like to share the lessons that have helped me in recovering from bulimia, the lessons that helped me to get back my sense of love and respect for me. Please read on and share with me your thoughts and feelings about what you learn.

With Love and Joy,

Guru Shakti