Deepak Chopra On Eating Disorders!

I was checking out some great videos on Youtube and I came across this really short clip of Deepak Chopra.  In this video he addresses a few t hings you can do to overcome an eating disorder and I’d love to share it with you!

What Causes Bulimia?

What causes bulimia?  This is a question that has run through my head so many times and I came up with…

1.  Genetics

2.  Media Influence

3.  Social Pressure To Look a Certain Way

4.  A way to mask un resolved pain

And last but not least, “It doesn’t really matter what causes bulimia.”  Now that I’ve been through years of bulimia, and since recovered from bulimia, I feel it doesn’t really matter what causes bulimia, it matters what we can do about it here and now.  Looking back, trying to figure out what causes it will only send you spinning in your head, instead ask yourself, “Here I am struggling with bulimia, What are my triggers, and what can I do about it now?”  By asking yourself these kinds of questions you can open your mind up to  the possibility of  recovery and then commitment to recovering.

Turn your attention to discovering what is keeping it going for you.  I know I had a lot of triggers that sent me spinning in painful emotions and then made me want to binge and purge, so I had to be very aware of those triggers, avoid them, and make better choices for myself, this kind of thinking eventually allowed me to recover forever and I say that with confidence.

You reserved that so look deep within yourself and discover what is triggering you to continue on this path.  Remember to ask, “How can I recover  now?”

Many blessings,

Guru Shakti

Help For Bulimia

Only you know where you are at in your recovery with bulimia, and no matter where you are at with your journey, don’t you think you deserve some help for bulimia?  Everyone needs help sometimes, a helping hand from a family member or a good friend.  Even though you may feel scared to be open and honest about your challenges with bulimia, you need to get out of your own way and ask for help with bulimia.

From experience I know how bulimia loves to hide and that part of me was so sneaky about it.  I was so desperate to hide that part of me because I thought people would judge me, I thought people wouldn’t look at me the same, this turned out to be un true.  In fact once I opened up and got help for bulimia I was able to get closer to the people in my life.  This makes so much sense, I mean how can we be genuinely close to the people we love when we are hiding a secret deep inside, a secret like bulimia.

So be brave, be kind to yourself, ask for help, and get the help you deserve.

Love you all,

Guru Shakti

Pass Through This Lesson!

When you were in your mothers womb you were aware of your vastness, you were aware and excited to come into this world and live a human life.  When you are born suddenly your memory of this knowledge is wiped away and now it’s your job to catch up to this awareness.

In each life time we are presented with a series of lessons that are meant for you to pass through.  In fact all relationships in your life are perfect for the lessons you need to learn.  Any challenging relationships are merely a perfect reflection of the lesson that is trying to get your attention

For instance, my father and I went for years without talking, we had a painful and resentful relationship and just couldn’t make it work.  It wasn’t until I realized the lesson that I wasn’t seeing in this situation.  I was failing to take 100% responsibility for my part in this relationship.  I was putting so much blame on him and felt like the victim.  I realized that being the victim in this situation was never going to lead to my liberation, my enlightenment in this life time.  And I have no desire to re live this un finished lesson again in my next life.

Where is there a lot of pain or hurt in your life?  Perhaps you have a relationship that is un settled, an addiction that you give into, a dream that you ignore with distraction, and so on!  Don’t you think it’s time to take 100% responsibility for your life and take care of these lessons?  Are you willing to be that courageous to take one step, not knowing how, just knowing why?  This is exactly what I’ve done with my dad, and because of this level of responsibility I now have, I know it can only succeed.

You’ve been given this life as a gift to take care of these things here and now, don’t postpone your growth and wait for another life to get out of your ignorance.  Ignorance does not mean your dumb, it simply means you ignore what you know, so let’s stop ignoring what we already know.

Much love,

Guru Shakti

I Give Myself Total Authority!

What does it mean to have authority?


1. the power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes; jurisdiction; the right to control, command, or determine.
2. a power or right delegated or given; authorization: Who has the authority to grant permission?

When we hear the word authority perhaps you think of a cop, a leader, or someone who’s in charge.  But what about you?  When it comes to your own life it’s your right to have the authority over yourself.  This is your ability to determine, to control, and to command any issue in your life.
When it comes to bulimia it’s essential to give back your own authority and take the power away from the addiction.

Tell yourself, “I give myself complete authority right now, right here, I will never make myself binge and purge again.  I have the right the power to take back control over my own life.”

Staying On Course!

So here you are…

At this point in your life you are either seeking a way to get through your bulimic behavior, or you are already recovered and want to keep in that way.  Either way it’s so important to Stay On Course.  But how do you stay on course?  As a human being you must have ways to keep you on track, to keep you on track, to help you be the best you can be.  That is why my husband, children and I began practicing Kundalini Yoga.  Every day before the day begins we practice yoga, we stretch into our body glove, and we get our spirit ready for this day ahead of us.

For me it’s so important, I needed something to help me rise above the painful clenching emotions and thoughts which kept me binging and purging over and over again.  I needed something to break the patter so I could Stay On Course.

Think for a moment…

How can you stay on course?

What can you do for yourself each and every day so you have the upper hand on your bulimic behavior?

When I discovered how great yoga was for my family and I, I started a daily practice.  Each morning I woke up a half hour earlier.  I found a nice spot in our home and did some yoga.  Over the years I’ve added waking up at 4 or 5am to do yoga because the earth feels so calm and quiet.  I do yoga and a small meditation.  Sometimes I stay awake and sometimes I fall back asleep for a hour after I’m done.

By doing this I am setting myself up for the day, aligning my body and mind so I can make good choices and experience more joy in my life.

A great book you should pick up if you want to educate yourself in yoga is, Kundalini Yoga by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.

To conclude, please take some time to think this over.  Ask yourself, “What can I do to stay on course?”  Come up with some ideas and try them on for size.  You can do this!

With love,

Guru Shakti

Gaining Weight In Recovery!

Once you begin your path to Recovery and you stop binging and purging, you will most likely go through a period of re learning how to eat.  What is mean is that you had been eating and puking it up for so long, you didn’t think much about eating correctly for your body because you were able to keep the weight off by cheating, by purging.

Now here you are daring to over come Bulimia once and for all and perhaps you notice you’re gaining some weight, perhaps it’s not making you too happy.  Well it’s time to change your perception when it comes to weight gain.  First off you’re probably a little too under weight or very much underweight.  A little weight might be just what your body needs to get balanced again.  Women are not supposed to be twigs, in my opinion we are meant to be lovely, curvy women. It’s funny because I never used to think that, the bulimic me used to think women had to be skinny all the time, just like a teenager.  But now I see how false that is, I see how media shaped the way I thought women had to look.  A healthy women is exactly the shape she is meant to be, the way God made her.

But what do you do if you start to gain more weight than you really need?  This is the greatest time to re teach yourself how to eat healthy, how to eat the right per portions, how to work out, go on walks, go jogging, hiking, weight train, do yoga, swim laps, you name it, what ever gets you fit.

I went through this myself.  I started gaining weight and is was so incredibly un comfortable for me because I had always been so skinny.  I had never seen my body gain fat and I had to work through it.  I first allowed myself to gain a little and then I began working out on a regular basis.  I wanted to be fit and healthy, no more cheating my way to looking slim.

So remember if you are healing from Bulimia then don’t be scared of gaining weight, it happens!  Just because you gain some weight doesn’t mean you are gross, it doesn’t mean you are not special, and it doesn’t mean you are not in control of your life.  I believe it’s the opposite, you are brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and make a change, that is so awesome!  Find healthy ways to take care of your body and start doing those things.

Much Love To You,

Guru Shakti

Trusting In Your Self!

“I love this photo, it makes me laugh!”

As I went to bed last night I began to think of the word trust, what is trust, how do you trust, and why do we not trust in all areas of our lives?  I immediately thought of the Trust in my relationships, but what about the trust that I hold for myself?  There are certain things that I’ve had to learn on my recovering journey and trusting myself is one of them.  I tell myself all the time that I trust in my ability to stay on course, to not have to relapse again.  I trust that I am honest with myself of how I’m doing, and trust that I will do what is necessary to take care of myself, now that is trust.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder right now, or perhaps you are on your way to recovery, this is one of the most important lessons you can embrace.  Trust in yourself because you can and deserve to be healthy and happy.

On The Verge of Relapse!

When you finally decide to let go of Bulimia you may think it will never come up, you may think you are so strong that it will never become an issue again.  But in my personal experience it will come up again.  That doesn’t mean you will binge and purge, but it does mean most likely the all too familiar feeling will come up and the idea of eating lots of junk food and purging will be facing you.  I’ve been there and for me it felt like a rope pulling me to it.  In the past I just gave in, but now I can with stand the pressure.  There’s even been times I over ate a little out of stress but I committed to NOT purging again and that commitment has kept me from doing it.

My point here is to tell you that it will come up for you and that is ok, but it is up to you to decide in those moments how you will respond to it.  Even if you over eat a little don’t allow yourself to purge, you may feel uncomfortable and yucky from eating too much but the feeling of accomplishment will finally take the place of transportability.

I had to remind myself, “I am not bad for going through this and for having these feelings.  This is apart of me and I must embrace this part of me and continue to make good choices.”  Remember you are not bad either, embrace this part of yourself and keep moving forward.

With Love,

Guru Shakti

Reconnecting To Spirit!

When I reflect on the reasons I decided to over come bulimia, one thought and feeling continues to come up.  A few  years back I began what will now be a life long practice in Kundalini Yoga.  For the first time in my life I felt a light had been turned on inside of me.  To me this light is the reconnecting of spirit to the divine, or to God, there are so many different names but I prefer “The Divine.”

When I began my practice in Yoga it was like I began a journey back to remembering my true value and strength as a woman.  I began to feel that my habit of Binging and Purging was so far from what I wanted or deserved in life, but I couldn’t stop on my own.  I’d practice yoga, feel connected, feel it was time to stop, but couldn’t stop from falling into the same behavior.  It wasn’t until I began sitting in meditation and talking to God in Prayer, that I was able to get the strength to stop hiding behind bulimia.  I took steps in opening up to the people I love and my spiritual teacher, I stopped hiding from it and started to be honest with myself about where I was really at with Bulimia.

Think about your life and your connection you have with Spirit, God, Divine, Ala, or what ever you like to call it.  Do you feel like you’re alone in this, well you’re not!  If you can reconnect to the Divine in what ever way works for you I bet you will begin to see some positive changes and move in the direction you want to go.  Remember you are not alone.  If it can work for me then it can work for you, we are no different.

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