Once you begin your path to Recovery and you stop binging and purging, you will most likely go through a period of re learning how to eat.  What is mean is that you had been eating and puking it up for so long, you didn’t think much about eating correctly for your body because you were able to keep the weight off by cheating, by purging.

Now here you are daring to over come Bulimia once and for all and perhaps you notice you’re gaining some weight, perhaps it’s not making you too happy.  Well it’s time to change your perception when it comes to weight gain.  First off you’re probably a little too under weight or very much underweight.  A little weight might be just what your body needs to get balanced again.  Women are not supposed to be twigs, in my opinion we are meant to be lovely, curvy women. It’s funny because I never used to think that, the bulimic me used to think women had to be skinny all the time, just like a teenager.  But now I see how false that is, I see how media shaped the way I thought women had to look.  A healthy women is exactly the shape she is meant to be, the way God made her.

But what do you do if you start to gain more weight than you really need?  This is the greatest time to re teach yourself how to eat healthy, how to eat the right per portions, how to work out, go on walks, go jogging, hiking, weight train, do yoga, swim laps, you name it, what ever gets you fit.

I went through this myself.  I started gaining weight and is was so incredibly un comfortable for me because I had always been so skinny.  I had never seen my body gain fat and I had to work through it.  I first allowed myself to gain a little and then I began working out on a regular basis.  I wanted to be fit and healthy, no more cheating my way to looking slim.

So remember if you are healing from Bulimia then don’t be scared of gaining weight, it happens!  Just because you gain some weight doesn’t mean you are gross, it doesn’t mean you are not special, and it doesn’t mean you are not in control of your life.  I believe it’s the opposite, you are brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and make a change, that is so awesome!  Find healthy ways to take care of your body and start doing those things.

Much Love To You,

Guru Shakti

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