Only you know where you are at in your recovery with bulimia, and no matter where you are at with your journey, don’t you think you deserve some help for bulimia?  Everyone needs help sometimes, a helping hand from a family member or a good friend.  Even though you may feel scared to be open and honest about your challenges with bulimia, you need to get out of your own way and ask for help with bulimia.

From experience I know how bulimia loves to hide and that part of me was so sneaky about it.  I was so desperate to hide that part of me because I thought people would judge me, I thought people wouldn’t look at me the same, this turned out to be un true.  In fact once I opened up and got help for bulimia I was able to get closer to the people in my life.  This makes so much sense, I mean how can we be genuinely close to the people we love when we are hiding a secret deep inside, a secret like bulimia.

So be brave, be kind to yourself, ask for help, and get the help you deserve.

Love you all,

Guru Shakti

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