One thing that really helped me in my journey to recovery from Bulimia was openness and honesty.  I believe you must first be hones with yourself about y our challenges and your weaknesses and then be honest with a loved on, or more than one loved one.

One thing that really fuels Bulimia is it’s secrecy.  Most people who are Bulimic suffer silently with it for years before ever opening up to anyone about it.  When I first opened up to my husband about it he had no idea and that is how Bulimia is so destructive, we hide it from the people we love and so it continues it’s hold on you.

You must start now to be honest, really honest with yourself about where you are at with Bulimia, do you do it a few times a week, or a few times a day.  Next you must open up to someone that has your best interest at mind, someone who is safe to talk to.  My husband and my mother were those people for me and still are today.  I know I can tell them anything, I could tell them anytime I was starting to suffering the emotions that lead me to Binging and Purging.  And every time I opened up to them the feelings began to subside, there was no longer anything to hide in that moment and the clutching feelings came to a halt.

Think about the people in your lives…  who do you know that you can communicate with and share openly with?  Even if you are scared to open up, scared of what they might think, remember a life in the dark, a life hiding, is not the life that you deserve.  You deserve so much more and you can have it, you can over come this but don’t do it alone, as humans we are meant to share, to love, to communicate, not to hide in silance.


Guru Shakti

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