When you finally decide to let go of Bulimia you may think it will never come up, you may think you are so strong that it will never become an issue again.  But in my personal experience it will come up again.  That doesn’t mean you will binge and purge, but it does mean most likely the all too familiar feeling will come up and the idea of eating lots of junk food and purging will be facing you.  I’ve been there and for me it felt like a rope pulling me to it.  In the past I just gave in, but now I can with stand the pressure.  There’s even been times I over ate a little out of stress but I committed to NOT purging again and that commitment has kept me from doing it.

My point here is to tell you that it will come up for you and that is ok, but it is up to you to decide in those moments how you will respond to it.  Even if you over eat a little don’t allow yourself to purge, you may feel uncomfortable and yucky from eating too much but the feeling of accomplishment will finally take the place of transportability.

I had to remind myself, “I am not bad for going through this and for having these feelings.  This is apart of me and I must embrace this part of me and continue to make good choices.”  Remember you are not bad either, embrace this part of yourself and keep moving forward.

With Love,

Guru Shakti

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