When I reflect on the reasons I decided to over come bulimia, one thought and feeling continues to come up.  A few  years back I began what will now be a life long practice in Kundalini Yoga.  For the first time in my life I felt a light had been turned on inside of me.  To me this light is the reconnecting of spirit to the divine, or to God, there are so many different names but I prefer “The Divine.”

When I began my practice in Yoga it was like I began a journey back to remembering my true value and strength as a woman.  I began to feel that my habit of Binging and Purging was so far from what I wanted or deserved in life, but I couldn’t stop on my own.  I’d practice yoga, feel connected, feel it was time to stop, but couldn’t stop from falling into the same behavior.  It wasn’t until I began sitting in meditation and talking to God in Prayer, that I was able to get the strength to stop hiding behind bulimia.  I took steps in opening up to the people I love and my spiritual teacher, I stopped hiding from it and started to be honest with myself about where I was really at with Bulimia.

Think about your life and your connection you have with Spirit, God, Divine, Ala, or what ever you like to call it.  Do you feel like you’re alone in this, well you’re not!  If you can reconnect to the Divine in what ever way works for you I bet you will begin to see some positive changes and move in the direction you want to go.  Remember you are not alone.  If it can work for me then it can work for you, we are no different.

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