What causes bulimia?  This is a question that has run through my head so many times and I came up with…

1.  Genetics

2.  Media Influence

3.  Social Pressure To Look a Certain Way

4.  A way to mask un resolved pain

And last but not least, “It doesn’t really matter what causes bulimia.”  Now that I’ve been through years of bulimia, and since recovered from bulimia, I feel it doesn’t really matter what causes bulimia, it matters what we can do about it here and now.  Looking back, trying to figure out what causes it will only send you spinning in your head, instead ask yourself, “Here I am struggling with bulimia, What are my triggers, and what can I do about it now?”  By asking yourself these kinds of questions you can open your mind up to  the possibility of  recovery and then commitment to recovering.

Turn your attention to discovering what is keeping it going for you.  I know I had a lot of triggers that sent me spinning in painful emotions and then made me want to binge and purge, so I had to be very aware of those triggers, avoid them, and make better choices for myself, this kind of thinking eventually allowed me to recover forever and I say that with confidence.

You reserved that so look deep within yourself and discover what is triggering you to continue on this path.  Remember to ask, “How can I recover  now?”

Many blessings,

Guru Shakti

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